Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lots of random happenings...

So I’ve definitely neglected this blog a lot lately. I’ve been so busy with school and trying to keep my grades up. My grades right now are:

Fine Art: 80.20%
Personal Finance: 82.86%
American Literature: 95.42%
British Literature: 72.15%
Physical Education: 100%
Career Planning: 91.74%
Environmental Science: 90%

So yeah, there are a few grades I need to bring up. I have to pull an 80% or higher in American and British Literature in order to pass because my grades in those classes for the first semester were around 40%. Now that Ashley and I aren’t friends I have a lot more time to focus on school work and friends who actually care about me. I know me and Ashley always fight and then make up but this time it’s for good. I’m sick of her fucking drama and her always bringing me down. I’m so proud of myself. I finally stood up for myself and told Ashley exactly how I feel. It’s over and done with. I feel amazing.

Anyways, I finally told my parents I’m having sex. Well, I told my mom and then she told my dad. A HUGE weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I can go out and buy condoms and not have to worry about anything…other than my dad ragging on me and asking if I have good sex or bad sex. Ok, I’ll still have to worry about my mother thinking I’m having sex to much if I go through condoms to fast. But I’d rather be safe than sorry. I have an appointment sometime next month or something to get birth control too. The only thing I’m worried about with that is gaining weight. It scares me because I’m already fat. Ya know? My mom also thinks its just a free pass for me to fuck whoever I want, when I want…WTF?

[[^^Totally not sure if I already told you that and I’m way too tired to go look!]]

Well, other than that I got arrested last week. Yeah, I’m a motherfucking GENIUS! :[ I went out with a few friends and ended up getting arrested for underage drinking. Fucking 12:30am…and my mom gets a call from the cops 20 miles away from home saying her daughter is in their custody. I thought I was going to have a bloody heart attack. But yeah. I have court on Monday at like 8:30am…I’m super nervous. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I hope the fine isn’t as big as I think its going to be. I know for a fact my license is GONE for 3 months once I get it. :[ This really sucks…I’ll post updates after court.

So prom is in about two months. Don’t know the exact date yet. But yeah, I don’t know what to do. I want to go with Shawn more than anything. He would be my perfect date. I think he’s just afraid I wont have fun. And he doesn’t like to dress up. He wants to wear jeans and a nice shirt or something. But like, I don’t think they’ll let him in wearing that. I don’t know. I really REALLY want to go with him. I would have fun just sitting there holding his hand and talking to him. Maybe giving him little kisses randomly too. ;] So I don’t know. I fall for Shawn more and more each day and him going to prom with me would make prom perfect. He kind of gives me butterflies inside. His voice gives me goose bumps and he makes me fall for him more and more everytime I talk to him. I love him so much and I can’t wait for him to come home.

Nothing more to really update on. I’ve neglected this a lot lately. Just got so much going on. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon and I’ll be able to update this more often. So, this is living out Shawn’s wish. He’s wanted me to update this for awhile now. Haha. So this is for you baby! Love youu. <3

There is two quotes for today because I liked them both…hahaha.
"I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me."
"Better living through chemistry."