Monday, August 31, 2009

Kent State and Apartments :p

This is just going to be a short rant...or update. Take it how you must.

So finding an apartment up in Kent is fucking DIFFICULT! Jesus...I've looked up at least...keyword: at least 20 places. The one place we went to look at this morning was terrible. Studio apartments were about the size of a motel room...a shitty motel room. And that would be fine...for one person. But for me and Dave?? ....NO. So right now I have a list of about 6 different places we are going to drive around to and see if they have any openings. I really hope we can find a place thats like $375 a month at most so we wont be so short on cash. That would suck. I desperately want to move out and live with the love of my life but it feels like the tables are against me this time. Usually I have good luck with things like this but I dont right now.

He seems so happy up here at Kent. Playing pool....showing me around...telling me stories. Since hes all happy I feel all giddy and fuzzy inside. I love it when he smiles. His smile and his laugh brighten my whole day.

The campus is HUGE. Good god. Seriously...its un-natural. It's so pretty though. They have BLACK FUCKING SQUIRRELS! I. WANT. ONE. NAO! kthnxbai. :D

I'll post a REAL update later since we have to get going soon. :]

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