Sunday, February 1, 2009

Steelers or Cardinals?[WARNING: Lots of swearing]

So today's the Superbowl....I should probably be more excited. Right? I would have been more excited if my so called best friend for life hadn't blown me off...AGAIN. How fucking hard is it to just say "No, Kay, I dont think I can come down to your house and watch the game. Sorry." But noooo! He says "Yeah, I'll be down. Just give me a call in the morning." FUCK....YOU. I am so sick of getting blown off and used. I'm seriously fucking irritated, annoyed, pissed off, frustrated and some more words I dont feel like typing out right this moment.

I don't know if there will be anything happy and cheerful in this blog so if I'm bringing your mood down...KEEP MOVING! :] Kthanx, bye. [oh yes, I did write 'KTHANX, BYE' like all the little scene kids write]

Anyways! I have to choose between MARILYN MANSON on August 1st[or 2nd...someone tell me which one it is please!] and going to a wedding with Maddy on August 15th. How do I choose? I wanna see Maddy SO FUCKING BAD. But Marilyn Manson is...well, AMAZING. Ya know? Aside from meeting Jerry Only last October for my birthday, my other dream is to be FRONT ROW at a Marilyn Manson concert and possible touch his hand, leg...anything. Just so I can say that I touched Marilyn Manson. Meeting him though, would be my ultimate dream. To be able to stand and talk to the man would be insane. I dont know what I would say. He's so intelligent and well...I'm not. Hahaha. [I just sound like I'm intelligent ;] ] I dont know, I'll figure out what I'm gonna do about all this at a later date.

Diet update! --- I've been eating ok this past week or so. I havnt really worked out though. I'm not a work out type person so I dont normally work out. Hopefully sometime this week I'll be getting my work out tape. I want a dance one. I dont like push-ups and sit-ups..I hate that shit. I really, seriously, want a treadmill but their to expensive. :[ I would use that shit everyday. I love treadmills. BUT, I cant run out on the road because of my bad knee. I think thats why I want one so bad. I could run 4-5 miles in one day if I had a treadmill. I'd never get off the bloody thing. Haha.

Not really much else to update on. It's about 5:30pm as I'm typing this. I'm about to go watch the Superbowl ALONE. :[ I was originally not gunna watch it because I'm alone but Sharpie wants me to keep him updated so I guess I'll be a good friend and keep him updated on the game while he's at work. I love, I guess I'll torture myself for however long it goes tonight. Haha. I dont usually pay attention to the game, just the score. But I gotta actually sit and watch it now. Save me? Please? Lol.

So! More updates to come...on well, EVERYTHING. :]

"Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love."

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